13: Low Carb Vail Highlights, Protein, Atkins Products, & Nitrates

13: Low Carb Vail Highlights, Protein, Atkins Products, & Nitrates


A couple of weeks back, our cohosts had the distinct privilege of attending and participating in the Low Carb Vail conference in Vail, Colorado where the world’s leaders in the low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic community got together for an historic North American event about this amazingly healthy way of eating we discuss each week on this show. In case you’re new to Keto Talk, we have two spectacular keto advocates behind the microphone–10-year veteran health podcaster and international bestselling author Jimmy Moore from “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” and Arizona osteopath and certified bariatric physician Dr. Adam Nally from “Doc Muscles.” Together they bring you one of the hottest new nutritional health podcasts on iTunes (leave a review of the show HERE). We examine the latest research into ketogenic diets and answer YOUR most pressing questions about this dietary approach. If you want to send us a question to answer, simply e-mail Jimmy and we may read and answer yours on the air in a future podcast. Listen in today as Jimmy and Adam give their thoughts about what went down at the Low Carb Vail event for you in Episode 13!

KEY QUOTE: “If you’re doing fasting, it lends itself to a lower protein intake.” — Dr. Adam Nally

Here’s what Jimmy and Adam talked about in Episode 13:
– Adam showed up at the recent Low Carb Vail conference
– Adam’s painful snowboarding accident in Vail
– Why Adam thought Jimmy’s Keto/Paleo talk was the best he’s heard
– The gut health talk by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee from the BBC-TV show “Doctor In The House”
– How ketogenic foods are perfect for a healthy gut
Dr. Jason Fung’s height mocked at the Vail event
– The back and forth discussion about the role of protein
– The controversy between Dr. Fung and Dr. Steve Phinney
– Why a ketogenic diet is probably good for everyone
– The LDL particle number vs. particle size controversy
– Why triglycerides and HDL are short-term measurements
– How Small LDL-P is to lipids like A1c is to blood sugar
– The very educated medical professionals and patients in the audience at Vail
The disappointing response by Atkins on lack of fat in products
– How the Atkins products are fooling low-carb dieters
Awesome new reviews of the podcast on iTunes

KEY QUOTE: “Atkins is making money off of products that are the very antithesis of what the late, great Dr. Atkins promoted. This is bringing more confusion to the public.” — Jimmy Moore

Plus, don’t miss our listener question from this week’s featured Keto Talk Mailbox e-mail at the end of the show:

I want to request that Keto Talk discuss the subject of nitrates. When anyone hears we get to eat unlimited bacon that is one of the first concerns we have and also must rationalize to others. I of course began researching but have a hard time finding definitive research amongst the Internet clutter. I discover that many veggies have huge amounts. Even organic ones. I read that this is due to “injection” or storage “environment” used to keep them fresh. Now I’m really confused, let alone able to defend eating bacon or veggies. Is it simply that we must be careful not to burn meat while cooking or is it something else? Rick


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Dr. Adam Nally, DO from DocMuscles.com

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