14: Keto Talk Mailbox Blitz, Eating Post-Workout, Keto Rash, & More

14: Keto Talk Mailbox Blitz, Eating Post-Workout, Keto Rash, & More


This low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic-focused podcast has been so popular since we first started releasing episodes in January. In fact, so many of you wonderful Ketonian listeners have sent us your questions about nutritional ketosis by emailing Jimmy at livinlowcarbman@charter.net that we’ve set aside time today to catch up on a bunch of them all in one extended episode. Keto Talk features 10-year veteran health podcaster and international bestselling author Jimmy Moore from “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” and Arizona osteopath and certified bariatric physician Dr. Adam Nally from “Doc Muscles” sharing their wealth of experience on keto each and every Thursday. If you’re not already subscribed to the podcast on iTunes, you can do that and leave a review HERE). Listen in today as Jimmy and Adam make headway on their long list of e-mail questions in Episode 14!

Here’s are the 12 questions Jimmy and Adam answered in this special Keto Talk Mailbox Blitz extended podcast in Episode 14:

1. Ever since learning of my gluten intolerance in 2010, I have been on a quest to improve my diet and health. I went from replacing my gluten filled diet to that of gluten free replacements. When I found out how bad that was after discovering your podcast, I cut out gluten free carbage and have strived to eat low carb high fat. My next step now is the keto diet as there are a few other health issues I’m having that I’m hoping will clear (GERD and kidney stones).

My question is with regard to conventional meats. I am finding it difficult to buy solely grass fed, free range, organic meats on my budget. I am able to buy some but cannot afford a complete grass fed,organic meats diet for my family of four. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places but everywhere I look, including direct from farms, the price is really high (here in Canada anyway). Chickens range from approx $27/chicken and ground beef is approx $9/lb. I can find cheaper organic chickens at Costco ($15/chicken) but am not sure of the quality. I assume they are fed organic grains which I believe is not as healthful?

So I guess my question is, how bad are conventional meats and bones to make bone broth? Am I doing more harm than good?


2. Will you address ketogenic diets and their effect on chronic pain?  How long should it take to feel some relief?


3. I have tried ketogenic diets a couple of times and find them great for losing weight. However, as I get further into ketosis (with blood testing at about 0.7mmol/l) I get a cough and a furry tongue.

Paul Jaminet, and, as a result, others like Chris Kresser have been saying that ketones promote the growth of yeasts and fungi like Candida Albicans. I would like to benefit from the weight loss of ketogenic diets, but I don’t feel as good as it seems I should. Do you have any thoughts on this? Is it related to fungus, or could it be something else? Am I just doomed never to enjoy the cognitive benefits and energy levels associated with ketogenic diets?


4. On Episode 8 of Keto Talk you discussed LDL particle size and the Friedewald equation. Can you discuss your opinion of the following 3 blood tests which claim to establish LDL particle sizes via direct measurement utilizing different methods?

LabCorp NMR Lipoprofile – Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Quest Cardio IQ – Lipoprotein Subclasses by Ion Mobility
Atherotech VAP (Vertical Auto Profile) – ultracentrifugation


5. Does avoiding eating protein (or any food for that matter) immediately after a workout inhibit muscle growth and repair? I’m rarely hungry after a workout but I’m afraid I will not be able to increase my levels of fitness and strength unless I eat right after I finish my daily exercise. Are there any studies that prove your muscles will still grow and repair normally while on a ketogenic diet? And just how important is eating food post-workout?


6. Jimmy and Adam,

I’m a religious listener and love having you all playing in my car everyday. I tell people that being a podcast junkie is what helps me stay on track.

I started the Ideal Protein protocol through a cousin that’s a chiropractor back in September. I started weighing 250 and am currently 196. I quickly learned that the low-carb/keto world was so much larger than the IP protocol and so I quickly started adapting the plan and continued to have great results.

So, here’s my question. Now that I’m at a much healthier weight and all-around body composition, it’s tempting to cheat every now and again. I suppose is another whole slew of psychological things to address. Anyway, I’ve noticed that whenever I decide to just take one bite of that cookie, it quickly turns into half the cookie, the whole cookie, multiple bowls of cereal, popcorn, and on and on. I binge for a night then get back on track and can go several days eating Keto. Any thoughts as to what’s going on and why the binge urge is so strong once I take that first cheat bite?


7. I have been following keto on and off since last April with great results.  However, there is one thing that I cannot understand and wonder if you could clarify this for me. On many complex carb foods, such as brown rice, quinoa, oats for example, although the carb content is high, there is little to no sugar.  I wanted to know whether these foods are actually ok to eat on the low-carb diet.  From reading Volek and Phinney books and others, I thought I had understood that it was the sugar in the carbs that is a killer, not the carbs themselves. Is this correct?  Does the body still burn glucose instead of fat if you only eat the carbs with no sugar content in them? I really hope you can clear this up for me.


8. Hi guys. I’m just getting started reading Keto Clarity and am wrapping up my first week of low-carb. How far do I set myself back by going out one night for a few beers with no snacks? Am I starting all over again on my path to nutritional ketosis or will I be back in ketosis in a day or two?


9. Hey Jimmy,

I have a question for you and the Doc. What’s up with this Keto Rash? My girlfriend experiences a very distinctive rash around her bra line from her neck to her chest. It disappears completely when she exits ketosis. Why does this happen? What solutions, other than re-incorporating carbs, are available?


10. Hi guys great show and excellent keto resource. My question is after 18 hour fast my ketone levels drop considerably. My morning levels are around 1.2-2.0 mmol before work then after my shift where I’ve been standing all day I find my levels often drop as low as 0.5-0.6 mmol. I was under the impression that they should have risen after an intermittent fast. Is this fat burning as my body is using ketones for energy or is something else at play?

Gary from the UK

11. Hey Jimmy and The Doc,

I recently read Keto Clarity and have been spending my commutes listening back through all the previous podcasts, really interesting stuff. “Keto” is not big here in the UK so it’s brilliant to have such a good resource of information. Love your work!

In Episode 12, you discussed that walnut study that claimed saturated fats aren’t a good choice when consumed alongside carbs. Is this because the body would use the carbs and the fat would be stored or are there other physiological reasons why you shouldn’t consume saturated fats on a higher carb diet?

Egg from the UK

12. Hello Jimmy and the Doc,       

I have been on a Keto Paleo diet for the past year and low-carb Paleo for over 4 years. I watch my blood glucose levels very closely and exercise daily. Why do my blood glucose levels look great in the upper 70s/low 80s when I walk or jog a couple miles, but on days when I include sprints my blood glucose shoots up to 115. Should I cut out the twice a week sprint sessions all together if they are causing harm to my blood sugar levels like this?



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