19: Inflammatory Keto Foods, Build Muscle On Moderate Protein, & Baby Boomer Ketonians

19: Inflammatory Keto Foods, Build Muscle On Moderate Protein, & Baby Boomer Ketonians


If you are interested in the low-carb, moderate protein, high-fat, ketogenic diet, then this is the podcast for you. We zero in exclusively on all the questions people have about how being in a state of nutritional ketosis and the effects it has on your health. There are a lot of myths about keto floating around out there and our two amazing cohosts are shooting them down one at a time. Keto Talk is cohosted by 10-year veteran health podcaster and international bestselling author Jimmy Moore from “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” and Arizona osteopath and certified bariatric physician Dr. Adam Nally from “Doc Muscles” who thoroughly share from their wealth of experience on the ketogenic lifestyle each and every Thursday. We love hearing from our fabulous Ketonian listeners with new questions–send an email to Jimmy at livinlowcarbman@charter.net. And if you’re not already subscribed to the podcast on iTunes and listened to the past episodes, then you can do that and leave a review HERE. Listen in today as Jimmy and Adam take a stab at all the latest listener questions today in Episode 19!

KEY QUOTE: “Ketosis actually increase the amount of lucien availability allowing for maintenance of muscle as well as muscle building.” — Dr. Adam Nally

Here’s what Jimmy and Adam talked about in Episode 19:

– An update from Adam on the recent Obesity Medicine conference

– Why are so many keto foods considered inflammatory?

Hi Jimmy Moore and The Doc! I love your podcast!

I just got a list of inflammatory foods to avoid from my acupuncturist and I was wondering why a lot of keto foods were on there. Specifically beef, dairy, avocado and nuts. I’ve been on keto for 3 months, I eat all of those foods almost every day. Also found it strange that rice was on the “okay” list.

Isn’t the ketogenic lifestyle supposed to be anti-inflammatory?

Thank you!!

Scientists studying effect of ketogenic diet on brain cancer

1. Why do I get kicked out of ketosis while I’m sleeping? Is this bad?

Usually, my morning blood ketone reading is <0.5 (therefore, out of ketosis), but will increase during the day to between 0.9 and 3.5. Can you explain why I go out of ketosis overnight? Is this OK? Toni in Perth, Australia

2. How can you build serious muscle mass only eating moderate protein in order to be in ketosis?

3. Will eating ketogenic help an underweight person gain weight?

Just curious–can keto help an underweight person gain weight?  Even though my friend is underweight, he has high cholesterol, so I think he should avoid carbs but add lots of fat. He just needs to eat more, right?


KEY QUOTE: “The context of a high-fat diet within a low-carb context is completely different from a high-fat diet within the context of a high-carb diet. All bets are off when it’s high-carb, high-fat.” — Jimmy Moore

Plus, don’t miss our featured listener question from this week’s featured Keto Talk Mailbox e-mail at the end of the show:

Greetings!  I’m a 63 year young woman two months into LCHF and am slowing down on the weight loss at near 20lbs.  I’ve naturally fallen into a 16hr daily fast (sometimes a few hours longer) and am amazed at disappearance of an appetite!  I’ve been faithful to the diet as laid out by Dr. Eenfeldt’s Diet Doctor.

I’m enjoying the podcast series with Doc Muscles.

There are many of us who entered adulthood when the grains were modified, healthy oils were switched out and the diet-heart nonsense and food pyramid were foisted upon us ~ and we bought it all.  Needless to say, we have much to undo, however age throws a curve ball but hopefully, it’s never too late to live healthy.

Perhaps the Doc could address challenges faced by older men and women getting into Keto lifestyles (such as a slower result curve & why) and perhaps some strategies to keep the results on track.

I posit this is not a minority of your audience. We are the Baby Boomers after all and many are alert to the fact that our generation’s overall health is in jeopardy.

Thanks for considering older Ketonians!


Here is a new iTunes reviews of Keto Talk this week:


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Scientists studying effect of ketogenic diet on brain cancer

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