64: Keto vs. Raw Vegan, Dry Eyes, Weaning Off Insulin, Rosacea, Mechanism Of Insulin Resistance

64: Keto vs. Raw Vegan, Dry Eyes, Weaning Off Insulin, Rosacea, Mechanism Of Insulin Resistance


If you are interested in the low-carb, moderate protein, high-fat, ketogenic diet, then this is the podcast for you. We zero in exclusively on all the questions people have about how being in a state of nutritional ketosis and the effects it has on your health. There are a lot of myths about keto floating around out there and our two amazing cohosts are shooting them down one at a time. Keto Talk is cohosted by 10-year veteran health podcaster and international bestselling author Jimmy Moore from “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” and Arizona osteopath and certified bariatric physician Dr. Adam Nally from “Doc Muscles” who thoroughly share from their wealth of experience on the ketogenic lifestyle each and every Thursday. We love hearing from our fabulous Ketonian listeners with new questions–send an email to Jimmy at livinlowcarbman@charter.net. And if you’re not already subscribed to the podcast on iTunes and listened to the past episodes, then you can do that and leave a review HERE. Listen in today as Jimmy and Adam tackle diet misconceptions and bring your weekly dose of good news on the low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic lifestyle in Episode 64.

Here’s what Jimmy and Adam talked about in Episode 64:


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**Special THANK YOU to Ted, Becky, Timothy, Merril (G’day guys, Thank you both for your awesome hard work every week. I love your podcast – it is inspiring & makes me sound quite the expert when I pass on your knowledge to others. I love the pathophysiology content. Cheers! Merril Melbourne, Australia.), Jane from Denmark, Kate, Aisha, Pamela, Jana, Bruce, and Sarah (Hi guys!! Thank you so much for all your hard work and your informative and entertaining podcast! I’m a new listener and am trying to get caught up. I already devoured your book Keto Clarity and am planning to pick up The Keto Diet by Leanne Vogel. Thank you again I can’t wait to jump into this lifestyle and experience the almost limitless benefits. Keep up the great work!)**

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KEY QUOTE: “The ketogenic diet is the only thing that has literally reversed the insulin resistance issues that I see with patients time and time again. Insulin resistance is at the core of all of these diseases of civilization.” — Dr. Adam Nally

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Criticism of The Keto Cure five months before it’s released

Andrew Scarborough – Brain Cancer survivor thanks to the ketogenic diet and other therapies – Here’s the relevant passage:

“There is even a book coming out soon called ‘Keto Cure’, which I feel is an irresponsible title and ironically will serve as more of a hindrance to this research rather than support it. I like Jimmy Moore as a person, but there is no way I can support this endeavour and would like to take this opportunity to distance myself from anything like this. I use my words very carefully and cautiously on purpose. You will notice that I will never say the word ‘cure’, because I believe these therapies do not cure, but have the potential to manage the condition as you would with a chronic disease. I see it as being like HIV in how we must think of treating it, with multiple agents targeting multiple metabolic pathways and supporting the immune system. There is clearly a strong role of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, drugs targeting metabolic defects, and both nutritional and supplemental methods of inducing ketosis in all of this that would need to be personalised for the individual’s tumour type and their unique physiology. Nothing works in isolation and the ketogenic diet on its own is certainly not a ‘cure all’, as some like to market it.”

– The long nightmare witch hunt that Professor Tim Noakes has had to endure in a South African courtroom is now mercifully over–Verdict: NOT GUILTY!


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– Margarine sales: investors can’t believe they’re not better

– Just ONE Diet Coke or Pepsi Max a day can ‘TRIPLE the risk of a deadly stroke’ and dementia, researchers claim

– If you don’t have any metabolic health issues to deal with, then why would going keto be any better than a raw vegan diet?

Dear Jimmy and The Doc,

I think my question for you may be slightly cheeky, but here it is. Listening to vegan advocates like Durianrider of 30 Bananas A Day fame, it seems he is quite convinced and determined to stand by his raw vegan lifestyle and this got me thinking—why are all of his blood markers, body fat, and energy levels so good if everything he believes about nutritional health is exactly the opposite of what we know and understand about keto? I am a 34 year old male, 6′ tall and weigh 185 pounds. I have never had poor health, been obese, been pre-diabetic, or had any of the other metabolic issues that drive most people to a low-carb, high-fat diet. So why would going keto be a good thing for someone like me? I am sincerely asking this because Durianrider and his raw vegan approach seems to make a compelling argument to go that route to get even leaner. With all the criss-cross availability of nutritional info flying around the web, I find myself suddenly becoming very confused.

Can you help?

Best regards,



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The Effects of Ketogenic Dieting on Body Composition, Strength, Power, and Hormonal Profiles in Resistance Training Males.

KEY QUOTE: “It seems like a lot of vegan advocates only focus on leanness instead of how robust and metabolically healthy the person is.”  – Jimmy Moore

1. Is it true that lowering your carb intake while eating a ketogenic diet lower mucus production leads to dry eyes?

Hi Jimmy and Doc Muscles!

I’m so happy I found this podcast and have been binge listening ever since. Keto Talk is a breath of fresh air compared to all the contradictory information floating around out there. I’m trying to get keto-adapted again and this time I plan on doing it for the long haul. I do pretty good getting into ketosis no problem. I can always tell when my blood sugar levels aren’t zig zagging, I’m needing less sleep, and my cravings and hunger are manageable.

I’ve noticed that when I drop my carbohydrate intake to less than 30g a day to be ketogenic, my eyes becomes severely dry. I can’t open then at all in the middle of the night and end up having to use eye drops immediately upon waking up and that stings like the dickens. I’ve gone to see my eye doctor about this and everything checks out okay. I’ve read from various people online that decreasing carbs lowers mucus production. Is this true? If so, then is there anything I can do to deal with this issue while keto? I have 20 bottles of eye drops tucked away in every nook and cranny of my home because I can’t live without them!

I’ve been waiting for the right ketogenic resource for a long time and you guys are it! Thanks for all you do!



2. What can my Type 2 diabetic ketogenic-eating mom taking insulin do to wean herself off the insulin to help in her weight loss efforts?

Hi Jimmy and Adam! 

My family has been doing keto for a few months and we’re all loving the health improvements we’re experiencing. My 37-year old brother has lost almost 50 pounds, I’ve lost lost 25, and my 68-year old dad almost 20. Both my parents are Type 2 diabetics and their A1c has gone down. My dad was only on Metformin and his doctor has said he can go off medication now that his A1c is 5.4. But my 65-year old mom has been on insulin for over 10 years and has not been able to lower her dosage of 40 units of long-lasting insulin in the morning and 8 units of fast-acting insulin with each meal despite the fact her blood sugar levels are regularly under 120. Initially after going keto, she was able to discontinue the insulin she was taking with meals and still get her blood sugar down to 85. However, recently her blood sugar has been creeping back up again to around 120 requiring her to start taking insulin with meals again. 

My question for you is this: why would she need that much insulin in a day if she is staying below 20g of carbs with only moderate protein? My mom meticulously tracks her food intake on a daily basis. Of all of us in the family, she is the only one who hasn’t seen great weight loss success (just 10 pounds in several months) and I think it has something to do with the insulin she is taking. She’s much hungrier than the rest of us are if she doesn’t eat by the clock throughout the day. What can she do to reduce her need to take insulin and rev up her weight loss efforts? She’s quite discouraged right now. 

Thanks for all you do…you’re literally saving lives!




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3. Does a ketogenic diet help improve or completely heal rosacea?

Hi Jimmy and the Doc,

I’ve never heard you guys address rosacea (reddening of the nose, the cheeks near the nose, and the center above the forehead) on the show before, so here’s my question. I have this condition and these areas become very dry. When I first started eating keto, the condition went away quickly but then slowly returned. I measure my blood ketone levels and they stay between 1.5-2.5 mmol. Can a low-carb, high-fat diet help heal my rosacea?


Glenn from Australia


– What is the mechanism of insulin resistance? Why does it take some people a long time to reverse insulin resistance despite going keto?

Hi Jimmy and Doc Nally,

I have a geekish question about insulin resistance for The Doc to get all nerdy on. What exactly is the actual mechanism of insulin resistance? It seems to me there are at least two components involved:

1) The number or conformation of the insulin receptors on cell membranes are reduced or changed so that insulin cannot signal particular cells. This seems to happen at different rates in different tissue types (i.e. muscle cells typically become insulin resistant with a lowering of the number of receptors or change conformation before fat cells)

2) It seems that some people tend to be “hyper-secretors” of insulin. In other words, their beta cells secrete more insulin than someone else with the exact same glucose load.

I understand how lowering blood glucose and thus insulin will help to correct the low receptor numbers because as the insulin goes down the cells will upregulate the insulin receptors (they will listen more carefully because insulin is whispering). But what can be done about the hyper-secretion of insulin? Does lowering the body burden of insulin also influence the beta cells to secrete less insulin? And why does it take so long in some people to see their insulin resistance reverse even after months or years of ketogenic eating? Finally, why are some people prone to insulin resistance and others seem almost immune to it no matter what they eat?

Thanks for the great podcast. I look forward to it every week.

Stay geeky,



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– Criticism of The Keto Cure five months before it’s released
– Margarine sales: investors can’t believe they’re not better
– Just ONE Diet Coke or Pepsi Max a day can ‘TRIPLE the risk of a deadly stroke’ and dementia, researchers claim
– The Effects of Ketogenic Dieting on Body Composition, Strength, Power, and Hormonal Profiles in Resistance Training Males.
Jimmy Moore from “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb”
Dr. Adam Nally, DO from DocMuscles.com
Diabetes drug could be the first to reverse the disease

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