73: Guest Cohost Shawn Mynar From The Keto For Women Show – Ladies Only Edition

73: Guest Cohost Shawn Mynar From The Keto For Women Show – Ladies Only Edition

If you are interested in the low-carb, moderate protein, high-fat, ketogenic diet, then this is the podcast for you. We zero in exclusively on all the questions people have about how being in a state of nutritional ketosis and the effects it has on your health. There are a lot of myths about keto floating around out there and our two amazing cohosts are shooting them down one at a time. Keto Talk is cohosted by 10-year veteran health podcaster and international bestselling author Jimmy Moore from “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” and Arizona osteopath and certified bariatric physician Dr. Adam Nally from “Doc Muscles” who thoroughly share from their wealth of experience on the ketogenic lifestyle each and every Thursday. We love hearing from our fabulous Ketonian listeners with new questions–send an email to Jimmy at livinlowcarbman@charter.net. And if you’re not already subscribed to the podcast on iTunes and listened to the past episodes, then you can do that and leave a review HERE. Listen in today as Jimmy is joined by special guest cohost Shawn Mynar from ShawnMynar.com and the #1 Fitness & Nutrition podcast on the iTunes Health charts called “The Keto For Women Show


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KEY QUOTE: “I needed to reduce inflammation, heal my brain, and get my immune system in check. I knew that ketones do all those things so I started a ketogenic diet for my health.” — Shawn Mynar

Here’s what Jimmy and Shawn talked about in Episode 73:

– What can I do to heal my adrenals and thyroid issues while on a ketogenic diet? Do I need to heal these prior to going keto?

Hey guys,

I have been attempting to do a ketogenic diet since last July and it works wonders for my MS symptoms (I first heard about it from Dr. Terry Wahls). The issue I’m having now is adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues. I’m taking low-dose Synthroid, but I’m tired, nauseous, depressed, and feel cold all the time. Despite keeping my carbs under 30g total daily eating only whole foods, I have gained 20 pounds in two months. Since the adrenals and thyroid are connected, is it possible that I’m eating too low-carb for my stressed out adrenals? Or I am I not low-carb enough? You guys often say on Keto Talk that hormones dictate everything about your weight and health, but something is going on with me that I can’t seem to figure out. I feel like crap most of the time despite being on the healthiest diet I’ve ever eaten in my life—no gluten, no soy, no dairy, no sugar, 3-5 cups of fresh veggies, full fat coconut milk, grass-fed meats, cooking with bacon grease, and 1/2 cup of blueberries daily. Is there a way to heal my adrenals and thyroid with the ketogenic diet or do I need to heal these first before going full keto? Really love the podcast.

All the best,



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– The keto perspective on the What The Health? documentary on Netflix and a preview of next week’s episode with Jimmy breaking down the misinformation shared

1. Does keto take away your period and lead to undesirable health effects? Should I add in starch every few days to deal with these issues?

Hey there,

I recently read this article by a naturopath named Dr. Lara Briden: http://www.larabriden.com/are-you-eating-enough-get-period-amenorrhea/

In the post, she claims that eating a low-carb, ketogenic diet will take away your period. I’ve still not had a period since I started keto over 20 months ago. I also developed all four of the signs she mentioned: low T3 (non-Hashimoto’s hypothyroid), hair loss, constipation, and insomnia. I average 5.5 hours of less-than-restful sleep per night with sleep aids and high-dose melatonin waking up every couple of hours. I’m desperate to know how I can tweak my ketogenic diet to favor fertility. My naturopath knows very little about keto and I’m not sure she can help me. I’ve been strict keto with 20/4 intermittent fasting for a while, so I wonder if I could get away with some starch every few days to see if that helps. Between my infertility and profoundly low estradiol, it just know it has triggered my binge eating.

Thanks so much for any help you can provide,


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2. Should I eat both low-carb and low-calorie in order to get into ketosis and see the results I’m looking for?

Hi guys,

I have listened to all of your podcasts, some of them twice as I’ve become a sponge with the information. My question for you is about breast cancer and ketosis. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 1/2 years ago and have had radiation and on tamoxifen for over three years. Cancer is what led me to start listening to health podcasts. During the cancer treatments, I put on 5kg (11 pounds) and it all seemed to develop in my midsection. I have tried low-carb and even keto, but can’t seem to get into ketosis no matter what I do. You guys have said many times on your podcast that some women need estrogen to help with weight loss, but I’m wondering if perhaps I need to be eating low-carb AND low-calorie in order to get the best results. When I’ve done keto previous about 8 years ago when I was at a bodybuilding gym, I lost a significant amount of weight very quickly. But I just can’t seem to get there now. I also take antidepressants to help with hot flashes and realize these have a side effect of weight gain. Can you help me?

Jacki in Brisbane, Australia

KEY QUOTE: “I just keep it simple. When cooking vegetables I’ll throw in some bone broth or butter.” — Jimmy Moore



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3. How can I get the benefits that ketosis provides my autoimmune arthritis without the unwanted weight loss that happens when I eat keto?

I have been enjoying your podcasts and reading your Keto Clarity book. I started on a ketogenic diet to help with my autoimmune arthritis and I think I’ve been making some progress. Unfortunately, I’m losing weight and I don’t need to be. I’m 5’2” tall and actually underweight at 91 pounds. My goal is to be at 105 pounds. Despite shoveling down 75% fat in my diet, I just keep losing weight. Tracking my nutrition with an online tracker, it says my calories are higher than are required for me and yet my weight keeps dropping despite the fact I feel good. Should I choose being in ketosis and controlling my arthritis while losing weight or eating a few more carbohydrates to get out of ketosis in order to get back to normal weight again but dealing with the arthritis?

Got any suggestions? I’d so love to get back some of my feminine curves again.



– How do I need to adjust the macronutrients on my ketogenic diet in the late stages of my pregnancy and while breastfeeding? Should I add more protein?

Hi guys,

Love the show! You are doing an amazing service, so keep up the good work. I’ve been keto for four months and I’m doing great losing 25 pounds and dropping my A1c from 5.6 to 5.0 in just two months of eating this way. My husband went keto at the same time as me and has lost 40 pounds. Needless to say, our doctor is ecstatic about our results. We’ve heard people joking about being careful when you go keto and normalize your hormones because it might just make getting pregnant easier—well SURPRISE, here comes baby #4!

Are there any recommendations about how to adjust the macronutrients of my ketogenic diet for the second and third trimester and even once I started breastfeeding? I usually eat around 80% fat in my diet with protein around 70g and carbs at 20g. I’m definitely making sure I consume at minimum of 2,000 calories daily so I don’t stress my Hashimoto’s or my adrenals that I’ve worked so hard to heal over the past four years. Should I eat a bit more protein as the pregnancy continues? You guys will find this interesting that the way I found out I was pregnant was my ketones suddenly dropped to 0.3 after always registering 1.5-3.0 and on a hunch we did a pregnancy test. Whammo bammo, pregnant. Crazy right?

I’m so thankful to be keto-adapted heading into this pregnancy and hoping it will keep my notorious severe morning sickness at bay this time around.

Thanks again!



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